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Do you think your work is more than 'just' a job and are you ready for an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life?
Every international experience starts with Yovema (Your Veterinarian Matchmaker), partner of Yomema (Your Medical Matchmaker), but focused on a different type of projects and target groups. We are passionate about good care for people and animals and believe that every person is unique. Read on and find the match of your life!

Directly to vacancies

First, you send your CV to the e-mail address mentioned in the vacancy you are interested in. You will automatically be placed in our advanced system and we will contact you soon.


One of the professionals from our recruitment team will contact you and will calmly explain what is about to happen. You can of course always contact our professionals with all your questions. We will keep you constantly updated on everything that is happening in your adventure.


After taking a number of tests and after the conversation you have with your personal contact person from Yovema, together we look at which organisation you fit.


Once we have determined which organization you could be suitable for, you will have an online interview with someone from the organization where you want to work. We understand that this can be quite exciting, but our recruiters are there to support you during the interview.


We know how exciting it can be to live and work abroad. That is why we make sure that you are well prepared. We will ensure that you are informed well in advance. You will know exactly what you need to bring with you and where you will be living. Your adventure after being selected, will be as follows: first, you will learn the Dutch language and culture full-time, to a basic A2 level. Then you get will start working, but you still will have language and culture training. In the meantime, we help you with all the necessary registrations. After about six months, you will have reached level B1. Since you speak Dutch fluently now, you can fully start working in the organisation where you are so keen to provide good care. In the meantime, you will still learn Dutch for a few hours per week. That’s how we make sure that you will approach the language level B2, which is almost native. Through the whole process, you do not have to worry about accommodation and transport. We will support you in finding a good place where you feel at home and an appropriate form of transport. In any case, we will make sure that you are not left alone. You are an official member of the Yovema family and that is something you will always feel.

The Yovema family want to tell you...

Miquel: "I came to the Netherlands last year. From the first contact with the recruiter to my start in the hospital, the experience was great. The salary in the Netherlands is better, but that was not my main motivation. I was looking for work experience abroad, which adds value to my CV. In the Netherlands we really have more time for the patient and I also got the chance for more professional development through training and education. The Netherlands is a great healthy country to live in with many museums, national parks and multicultural food and drink."

Kathleen: "So far all I can say is, Wow! What an incredible experience. Everything was perfectly arranged by Yovema. First, I found the perfect match with the animal hospital I now work for. When I arrived in the Netherlands, everything was also perfectly arranged: from the transportation from the airport to my new home, which is very close to my workplace in the Netherlands, to a warm welcome at my new workplace. I also really got the opportunity to develop myself. And of course, my salary is a big advantage! I would recommend this experience to anyone. "

Andrea: "Two years ago I decided that I wanted to challenge myself and experience what it's like to work in another country. I was tired of not having time for my patients and read that the situation in the Netherlands is very different. Fortunately, I found Yovema, who explained to me very clearly what I could expect. I am especially happy with my choice of Yovema, because they personally helped me find a new home and make me feel welcome in the Netherlands. I have never felt more at home than I feel now in the Netherlands. I now have time for each patient and I notice that people are more open here than in my home country. "

Being a veterinarian for Yovema

As a Dutch veterinarian specialized in small animals, you will examine animals to diagnose their health problems. You will treat the animals for their medical conditions. You are able to do proper wound care and know how to perform surgery successfully. You will do this not only in the daily routine but also in emergencies. In addition, you test for and vaccinate against diseases and are familiar with advanced medical equipment, such as X-ray. You have excellent communication skills and advice pet owners on general care, medical conditions and treatments. You prescribe medication and always send pet owners home with the best possible feeling.

Directly to vacancies


  1. A worry-free experience – Yovema supports you where needed in training, housing, transportation, registrations and much more.
  2. The Yovema family – Yovema makes sure you feel at home in the Netherlands. You will really become part of our community, so you will also get to know other experts.
  3. Lifelong learning – This unique experience is a perfect addition to your resume.
  4. The perfect match – Because Yovema works with a variety of organizations, there is always an organization that fits your needs.
  5. Your life, your schedule – In consultation with your employer you can agree to work a number of weeks and then have a number of weeks off to enjoy the Netherlands to the fullest or to go home.


Yovema continuously maintains and expands its international network. This way, we keep in touch with what is going on among our veterinarians of the future. Moreover, we seek contact with official bodies in the countries in which we are active in order to provide the prospective vets with optimal guidance. How do we do that? You can read about it in our news items.

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